The LEMFO LEM14 is an Android 10 smartwatch released in January 2021. LEMFO is a popular brand of full Android watches, which are essentially Android phones shrunk down to the size of a watch. This is the second LEMFO branded Android 10 watch. Their first was the LEM12 PRO released in November 2020.

The LEM14 is using a Mediatek Helio P22 MT6762 processor. The Mediatek Helio P22 MT6762 is a midrange smartphone processor which has decent performance and works well in this smartwatch with no lags.

The operating system for this watch is Android 10. Since this is a full Android smartwatch, you have access to Google Play Store to install 3rd party apps. This is a great feature when compared to smartwatches with proprietary operating systems and no access to 3rd party apps.

Full Android Supply Chain

If you are familiar with the full Android watches, you will notice that many watches are very similar if not identical even though they have different brands. They also work with the same app. This is due to the common supply chain for these watches which follows this pattern:

  1. Solution Provider – Creates the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) that includes the processor and initial firmware for the watch. One of the primary solution providers is a company called Wiite but there are others
  2. Factories – Design and build the watch based on the PCBA. They add the case, sensors cameras and adjust the firmware. Factories include KingWear, Microwear NJY, Ledai, etc. These factories sell the watches to brands in large order quantities. Sometimes they sell under their own brand as well
  3. Brands (LEMFO, Kospet, Zeblaze, Rogbid, etc) then purchase the watch and could include some small customizations or firmware tweaks for logos

Hence this family of watches are nearly identical or in some cases identical.

Identical Watches

Due to the common supply chain, this identical watch is being sold under 3 brand names:

  1. LEMFO LEM14
  2. Rogbid Brave Pro
  3. Ckyrin S10 Pro

Specification Exaggeration

When details of the LEM14 were released a lot of the specifications have proven to be untrue or exaggerations which has left a bad taste in the mouth of early purchasers. The following table summarizes the contentious specifications.

Near Field Communication (NFC)Initially claimed to have NFC. Did not have
Water resistanceInitial claim of 5 ATM. Changed to IP68 and IP67. Not clear what water resistance, if any, it has. Some claims that you should not press the buttons under water indicate water resistance rating is suspect
BatteryInitial claim of a 1600 mAh battery, then claimed 1400 mAh. Actual battery is 1100 mAh
CamerasClaims to have a 13MP side camera and 8MP front camera. Actual cameras are 5MP and 2MP
DisplayClaims to have a 1.69″ display. Actual display is 1.6″
Screen ProtectionClaims to have Gorilla Glass 4. No evidence that this is the case, particularly at this price point
LEMFO LEM14 Exaggerated Specifications


The LEM14 has a circular watch face design with a plastic case.  The watch is available in black and is a decent looking, albeit bulky smartwatch. However the red button, with the LEMFO logo, does look tacky. This smartwatch is quite large at 60 x 50.5 x 18.5 mm and weighs a lot at 90g.

LEMFO LEM14 Dimensions

The 18.5 mm thickness is on the larger size as well and could be uncomfortable for some to wear while sleeping. While not as big as the Kospet Prime 2, the LEM14 would be too big for many as well.

The LEM14 comes with a 24 mm leather interchangeable strap. The leather strap is good quality and suits the design of the watch. For fitness activities, a silicone band may be preferred.

You can interact with the watch using the touchscreen and 2 physical buttons. The touchscreen works very well with no lag. Fonts, menus and icons can easily be read and navigation is not too complex.

The LEM14 claims to have IP67 water resistance rating. As previously mentioned, LEMFO claimed the watch had an 5 ATM rating and then an IP68 rating. Based on this conflicting information the level of water resistance is unknown so care should be taken near water.


The screen of the LEM14 is large. The 1.6″ IPS Touchscreen, with 450 x 450 pixels density delivers good picture quality but it is a step down from a good quality AMOLED screen. Indoors the display is good while outdoors it is not the greatest.

The LEM14 claims to use Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to protect the screen. Given the specification exaggeration on this watch, we are not sure if this is true. Unfortunately, the watch does not have an always on screen option. The watch allows for custom watchfaces which is a nice feature.


The LEM14 comes with a 1100 mAh battery. LEMFO claims that typical usage battery life is 2 days and watch mode battery life is 5 days. Real world battery life is a bit less with many people getting just over 1 day with normal usage. This is OK for a full featured Android watch but is very poor when compared to some of the simpler smartwatches that have battery life measured in weeks not days.

Connectivity Features

From a connectivity perspective, the LEM14 has good functionality and can receive and respond to notifications from the watch. You will need to install either WiiWatch 2 or Watch Droid on your Smartphone for this to work. These apps while decent, are not the best and there have been complaints of connectivity issues and duplicate notifications.

The LEM14 has both a speaker and a microphone but does not have the ability to answer or place calls via Bluetooth. Android 10 watches appear to be designed to replace your smartphone rather than complement it. Essentially it is a smartphone shrunk down so it can fit on your wrist.

This is generally a negative for most people since they are looking for a watch to complement their phone. For a smaller group who wants to replace their smartphone with a watch, this is a positive. The LEM14 has 2 cameras. The front facing camera can be used for selfies and video calls (2MP). The side camera can take photos as well (5MP). Photo quality is not great and would be considered below average when compared to most modern smartphones. 

The LEM14 has a built in SIM slot for 4G LTE cellular connectivity and built-in GPS. GPS connectivity is fast and accuracy is good. Finally, Near Field Communication (NFC) is not supported, hence you cannot use this smartwatch to make payments. The lack of Google Pay is one of the disadvantages of Android 10 smartwatches.

Health and Fitness Features

The LEM14 comes with 2 sensors: Gyroscope and Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). These only cover a few fitness and health areas. These sensors allow you to track the following 4 metrics: Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Steps.

Also included are 9 different sports modes. When compared to more fitness or health focused watches, the LEMFO LEM14 is average. Heart rate monitoring is reasonably accurate at rest but accuracy is not the greatest when exercising. The bigger problem is the app.

WiiWatch 2 and Watch Droid App

The LEMFO LEM14 does not have a dedicated app, rather LEMFO recommends using the WiiWatch 2 or Watch Droid app. The app presents the same rudimentary data as the watch and has limited functionality. You could also use Google Fit, but that app has limited functionality as well. You can see how the WiiWatch 2 and Watch Droid apps rank on our Smartwatch Apps Page.

Known Issues

As this watch has just recently been released, there are no common known issues.


The LEMFO LEM14 is the latestAndroid 10 smartwatch. Unfortunately specifications for this watch have been exaggerated. Short battery life, bulky size, limited health monitoring and minimal fitness support are the biggest drawbacks. You can discuss this watch with other owners on our Full Android forum here.


Published: January 19, 2021

LEMFO LEM14 - WatchSmarty

The LEMFO LEM14 is the latest Android 10 smartwatch. Short battery life, bulky size, limited health monitoring & minimal fitness support are biggest complaints.

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