Smartwatch Apps

When purchasing a smartwatch, the quality of the companion app is typically as important, if not more so than the watch itself. Great hardware specs tied with a poor app will lead to a poor overall experience (a common complaint with cheap Chinese “smartwatches”).

App Rating and # of Reviews

All Android apps are rated in the Google Play store. This is a good starting point for evaluating apps. The table below is a reasonable representation of the best app to the worst app currently available based on over 5 million reviews on the Google Play store.

AppRating# of
Garmin Connect4.6620kArguably the best smartwatch app available
Galaxy Wearable4.51,190kExcellent all around smartwatch app
Mi Fit4.41,630kGood app for the popular Mi Band
HUAWEI Health4.2420kOne of the better health and fitness apps
realme Link4.265kNewer app, less reviews, not as polished
Polar Flow4.2126kA good fitness focused app
Zepp4.1240kAn OK app. Not as polished and UI is cluttered. Some poor translations
Mobvoi4.04kAverage app, not the easiest to use
Watch Droid Phone3.912kAverage app for full Android phones, limited functionality
Google Fit3.9411kAverage app, limited functionality
Fitbit3.7750kBelow average and disappointing given the Fitbit pricepoint. Not all phones work with this app.
Mibro Fit3.72KNewer app, poor quality, connectivity and sync issues with some phones
VeryFitPro3.567KBasic app with limited functionality
Da Fit3.565KBasic app with limited functionality
HeyTap Health3.41kNewer app, poor quality
Glory Fit3.36kPoor app, not recommended
Sunnto3.326kPoor app
70mai Health3.3<1KNewer app, not the best
OnePlus Health3.21KNewer app, poor quality
Xiaomi Wear Lite2.84kNewer app, very poor
Note: Ratings and # of Reviews as of Jan 1st, 2020

Best Apps

Garmin Connect and Galaxy Wearable are the 2 best smartwatch apps. They are both very polished apps, have detailed tracking and work with a large range of smartphones. You cannot go wrong with either one.

Good Apps

The Mi Fit app and Huawei Health apps do a good job considering and they pair with very affordable Chinese fitness bands and smartwatches. The smartwatches using these apps are often the best bang for your buck. Excellent choices for the money.

Average Apps

As we get into the next batch of apps (realme, Zepp, mobvoi), there are some tradeoffs. Apps are not as polished, have connectivity issues, poor translations or other bugs. They are not bad but if you have used some of the better apps, you may be slightly disappointed.

The Rest

Once you start getting under a 4.0 rating, there are significant gaps with the app. Often times connectivity issues with various smartphones or other bugs are prevalent. Under a 3.0 rating, we suggest avoiding all together.