WatchSmarty is your resource for honest, trustworthy reviews on smartwatches and other wearables. We will try to make the very confusing smartwatch market simple to understand by cutting through much of the marketing hype and describing the real pros and cons of smartwatches.

The site was started because many smartwatches reviewers gloss over the negatives and rarely provide a longer term view on the watches. We base our reviews by consolidating a number of sources:

  • Personal experience with dozens of smartwatches
  • Real owner experience from various forums, reviews and direct owner feedback
  • An analysis of hardware and technical specifications when made available

Unlike most review sites who receive free smartwatches from manufacturers and retailers, we do not. We have no vested interest or relationship with any manufacturer or retailer and are not influenced by them in any way. We hope to become your trusted source in smartwatch reviews.